Who We Are…

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It all started when…

Uphold 31:8, LLC is a consulting agency dedicated to educating the world about Mental Health.  Founded by Gary T. Taylor, MSW the basis of our agency is built on Proverbs 31:8 "Speak Up For Those That Cannot Speak For Themselves." With that we aim to help erase stigma related to Mental Health, via Education and Consulting.  

We carry a special burning desire and passion for Mental Health, it is what makes us GO! Although we have a concentration in African-American Mental Health, we’re not limited to just that. Our experience spans across many demographics, and cultural experiences. We work with businesses, non-profits, churches, community groups and more to ensure we educate any and everyone about the importance of Mental Health!

"We Aim To Shed Light on a Dark Place in the Black Community."

*We DO NOT provide any clinical services..for now*