Working in the field of Mental Health can be taxing. I've done so since 2011. I had to learn quickly, how to manage my stress levels because my job and career is much different from most.

While dealing with chest pains years ago, and still to this day. I noticed that as a result of my hectic lifestyle I would never take the time to just decompress. Meaning relax for a moment before I do another activity. I would keep going then crash at bedtime.

A lot of us I know have this same mentality, even I have gotten away from it as well in the past couple weeks. However, we gotta get back!! By doing so it gives your mind and body time to relax and prepare for the next activity. Not doing has you moving through life with the gas pedal to the floor, and usually that outcome is a crash, whether it be mentally or physically (medically).

Today, when moving from activity to activity. Work to home, home to gym, work to church, work to volunteer etc. Take some time to decompress for about 30 minutes to a hour.

You will thank yourself tomorrow.

Gary Taylor