The Pursuit of Happiness.

Suicide can be scary. With the recent passing of Kate Spade, prominent fashion designer, after Mental Health Awareness Month; All I can help but wonder is did someone see the signs? I won’t speculate and possibly a story will come out down the line that could explain it all, however we will never hear it from Kate’s point of view.

When individuals have these thoughts we tend to think that they are selfish, or in Kate’s case, wealthy and should not think in this way. We equate success, money, the American Dream, and material items to happiness. That is not actually true. Happiness is derived from within, not the possession of things. Happiness should be personal to the individual; we are all different human beings. Me, myself I like to define it as enjoying life to the fullest and being comfortable in your own skin. Kate, along with other celebrities and your average American struggle with the pursuit of happiness. In all, America as whole appears to be in the same pursuit of happiness, just different cloths.

This American Dream we seek (i.e. college degree, good paying job, nice house with a white fence, family) is not as attainable as we think. This façade has led to unhappy careers, 50% divorce rates, student loan debt, and multiple foreclosed homes. As a result, the grind does not stop and the hustle to make ends meet, living check to check, stress and anxiety, feelings of being overwhelmed consume us. It is enough to drive anyone to have thoughts about wanting to die, or attempt to harm themselves. My viewpoint speaks solely from a perspective as a human being, and a therapist in the field whom have worked with people in a mental health crisis.

Kate did something miraculous though, she poured out her talents and gifts to the world. Although I am not familiar with the history behind Kate Spade, I am familiar with her products and can recollect the simple, yet modern designs should would create. She left a brand and legacy to the world, so we will always have a bit of Kate Spade for years to come. I am sure the value of her brand will increase as a result, however it leads me to reiterate the age-old saying, “Give people their flowers while they can still smell them.”

So today, chase the pursuit of happiness. Tell yourself you love yourself. Seek out your purpose in life and work towards it daily. Pour into yourself first, before pouring into anyone else. Check up on your strong friends and family. Give people the roses while they can still smell them. Tell people you love them and care for them.

If you know someone who is having thoughts of wanting to harm themselves, help and support them, do not degrade them, or put them down.

If you are reading this and having thoughts of wanting to harm yourself, it is ok.  Reach out to these below resources for help.

National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Text CrisisLine: 741741

Need a therapist or psychiatrist?



Gary Taylor