Minority Mental Health Month, Trauma Related

So July is #MinorityMentalHealthMonth and if you’ve been following me you already know I am super passionate about Black Mental Health.

Throughout the month, I will be posting numerous things related to Black Mental Health (nothing new right?). I will also give some excerpts from my new book “You Good Fam?: An Analysis of Mental Health in the Black Community. My book outlines Mental Health in the Black community since Slavery. I delve briefly into our traumatic past; identifying the multiple traumas, we have faced since Slavery. In all my research and looking into our history I rarely ever hear the word “TRAUMA”, when we recall such events.

It leads me to my next point..when I created the first shirt designs I wanted to start the conversation around Mental Health in the Black community, simply asking “You Good Bro?”, “You Good Sis?”. It was a success and people really started to take ownership of this thing.  When I started the new designs I wanted to identify the mental health components we have faced over time as a people. There were three common themes. Trauma, Fear and Anxiety.

I am choosing to focus on Trauma today.

If you do a quick Google search of the definition of Trauma. It will give you something like this:

1. trau·ma

[ˈtroumə, ˈtrômə]


traumata (plural noun) · traumas (plural noun)

1.     a deeply distressing or disturbing experience.

"a personal trauma like the death of a child"

synonyms: torment · agony · suffering · pain · anguish · misery · distress ·



Interesting enough this is not the psychological definition but does paint a pretty clear and distinct picture. Trauma at times has only be reserved for Veterans with PTSD, then shifting to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Even identifying trauma within those aspects have seemed to be a struggle for the medical community. As we are just really starting to understand what Trauma and PTSD really is.

Going off that definition above, please tell me when we as a black community have not experienced TRAUMA. Now ask yourself, how many generations in your family has experienced TRAUMA. Then ask yourself what TRAUMAs you have experienced individually? If any at all?


The last question, What thought and behavior patterns have you learned that is rooted in trauma? (i.e. do you even know why you are so anxious around cops, outside of the recent police brutality killings?)

I created these new shirt designs for that reason, to identify the issue, provide a solution and change it. Me and my designer went back and forth for weeks trying to create this design to be impactful. He played a major role in the design after I gave him the vision. TRAUMA written in Green (Mental Health Awareness), upside down while fading away is placing a term to a Mental Health issue. It also shows the process of transition to a place of Healing. Healing in White signifies a brand new thing, a refresh a renewal. It is also light in the midst of darkness, hence the black shirt.


I know it is a lot to unpack, take it slow. That is why I cannot give you everything all at one time! Be on the lookout for pre-orders for the book “You Good Fam?, the manual “Mental Health Keys” and the new shirt designs! That is just a small portion of what’s in store. In the meantime download the FREE worksheets on Anxiety and Stress, under Mental Health Keys, click the button “Worksheets”.


Enjoy the month!

Gary Taylor