International Self-Care Day

International Self-Care Day was  yesterday, but like multiple one day celebrations we have, it should be practiced daily.

While at the beach, relaxing with my family for a long overdue vacation. First relaxing with my family and playing with my daughter is one of the ways I like to decompress. It gives me time to focus strictly on one thing and not the numerous amounts of activities at hand, or what my brain throws at me a mile a minute.

Outside of my family I realized how much I missed the water. My daughter and wife were mermaids out there!! I realized how peaceful the beach was, and ultimately how amazing God is. I made it a point to implement more water activities in my weekly self-care routines. Not just for my mental space, but my physical and spiritual space too! The beach and water provided clarity, and new perspectives. It also physically helped heal my tired muscles and achy joints. Spiritually, it allowed to me to focus more on what matters most in life and also which has been a primary focus this year. As I watched the ocean I noticed that the tide eventually fades throughout the day, only to come back closer to the shore the next day, providing fresh and renewed ground. It showed me that every day you feel refreshed and renewed. Burdens and stress from the previous day should be wiped away as you have a clean slate, a fresh batch of sand to work with.

We should approach life the same way but we do not. Why is that? Self-Care is all about implementing the small things daily so that we always can attack the new day with renewed energy and strength. I have decided that as a result I will add in water activities for to my self-care routine as it provides healing properties.

What new self-care activities will you add to your weekly routine??



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