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Mental Health Consulting Agency 

"We're here to educate the world about Mental Health, You Good Fam?



Our Mission

Proverbs 31:8, "Speak up for those that cannot speak for themselves." We’re a consulting agency dedicated to helping educate, facilitate and manage Mental Health concerns within agencies, organizations and people of color. Our goal is to ensure you are aware, educated and informed about Mental Health by assisting you with ways to properly address it.

*We do not provide any clinical services.

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Our Impact

Our community partnerships and initiatives have creatively educated thousands about Mental Health. We’ve participated in speaking engagements, facilitated trainings, and guided individuals through the Mental Health arena. Additionally we keep the conversation going through social media, shirts and more!

Our Brands


You Good Fam?

Book. Apparel. Culture. You Good Fam? is a movement developed to speak directly to the community. You Good Fam? The book available now!! Click below!!


Mental Health Keys

Keys open doors. The monthly guide has been published and ready to help you manage your Mental Health on daily, monthly basis!! Check it out below!


Backwoodz podcast

A freespace for freedom of speech. Backwoodz Podcast is an open forum that talks about everything from business, to sports, to pop culture.


What We Provide



Do you want to invest into your employee’s Mental Health? We can help! We provide in-service trainings to employees to manage their work/life balance. This includes teaching them ways to address their stress and anxiety all while learning about Mental Health.  This is an amazing opportunity to sow into your employees while continuing to assure operations are running smoothly.

Ask us about our training,  I'm Good-ish!!

Presentations and programs


  • What's Mental Health?
  • Mined Over Matter V3
  • Mined Over Matter x Spoken Word
  • I'm Good-Ish
  • U.I.E./Stop the Violence Movement
  • The GoodFellaz Project (coming soon)
  • The GoodSistaz Project (coming soon)


We've partnered with 21five Creative to develop well-designed images to showcase vital data, statistics, and information for agencies and clients.


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